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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BatAction Chrismas Special

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

See the BatAction Machine in Action

Hitters practice hitting all pitch locations and switch hitting. Drill manual included fully explains drills for building skill and batspeed.Closely simulates real pitching. Players can practice alone even when dad is at work or out of town. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!

It makes hitting practice a fun, year-round activity enjoyed at home!High speed moving ball really makes practice beneficial to hitters of all ages. Height and speed are adjustable.It is comparable to the backyard basketball goal because it is always ready, can be used year-round, and players simply love to hit it!

Owners of this machine tend to practice more often. That's why they are some of the game's hottest hitters. It's a great addition to any backyard.Self-contained and requires no nets or screens. Sets up in minutes without tools. No balls to chase.Suitable for heavy-duty team or school use. Right and left handers can work together without having to stop and adjust the machine!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Message to Parents Concerning the BatAction Hitting Machine

A Message to Baseball Parents:

I know that you want what's best for your son. You are always looking for the best way for your son to reach his maximum potential as a player. I can assure you that there is no better training product on the market today than the BatAction Hitting Machine by Nedco Sports.

This great baseball trainer is loved and respected by players, coaches and parents worldwide. Since 1999 it has been helping hitters raise their batting averages by increasing their power, improving their skill, and by giving them a high level of confidence at the plate. It is no wonder that BatAction Machine owners are often the most dominating players on teams and in leagues.

The bottom line is, "The BatAction Produces Results"! In fact, we are so confident that it will work for you that we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to insure that you are totally happy with your purchase.

Make this the best Christmas ever for your son's baseball career. Buy him a machine that will make him the best he can be at the plate. Take that first step toward helping your player become a happier and more productive baseball player!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a
Very Merry Christmas!

Nick Dixon
Nedco Sports

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baseball Hitting - Getting the Hands to the Launch Position

"Baseball Hitting - Getting the Hands to the Launch Position"

Hitting a baseball is a skill that can be learned and improved with proper coaching and instruction.

It may be a difficult task, but with the correct fundamentals and techniques hitting can be one of the most rewarding activities in all of sports. There is nothing that is more satisfing and rewarding than hitting a line-drive in the left-center gap to help your team score the go-ahead run. Many kids often experience cush a great sense of accomplishment while others suffer the embarrasment, disappointment, and despair of with striking out time after time. They feel that they let their team down and they often feel that they embarrass their coach and parents. The quickest way to achieving hitting success is to identify bad mechanics and correct them as soon as possible.

I will now give a brief overview of 3 aspects of a solid batting stance, swing and finish.

1. The GRIP - knocking knuckles, (not fighting knuckles) should be aligned. This positions the bat's handle in the fingers and out of the palm. This allows maximum wrist quickness and hand speed.
Coaching Tip: Have kids check their grip by raising and pointing their index fingers. If they point in the same direction, they are aligned, if the point across each other, the grip is incorrect.

2. The BAT ANGLE at the start position. Keep in mind that the hands will move slightly back and away from the pitcher when the batter loads to the launch position. The bat's angle will not change during the loading process. The bat should be at a 45 degree angle over the shoulder. The bat should not be wrapped or tucked behind the head, this slows bat speed. The bat schoul be no more that 2 to 3 inches off the top of the shoulder.

3. The LOADING PROCESS is a simple and slight movement of the hands away from the pitcher. This is a movement that is so slight that many people do not notice it. The hands are the only things that move. If the batter is noticably shifting weight, moving feet, and moving other body parts, too much movement is occurring. Most times this movement is no move than 2 to 4 inches. It may be more for larger players. LOADING is getting the hands to the launch position from which the forward swing motion starts. Different players use different loading actions. Some batters simply move the hands straight back and batters move the hands back and up at the same time. The loading process adds power, developes important timing and rhythmn, and allows the batter's body to achieve a comfortable ready position from which to launch swing.

COACHING POINT: Make sure that players do not line their knuckles up when you are looking and then move their hands to an "ax grip" when you walk away. One way to teach the benefits of the "finger grip position" is to have the two batters take several swing from shoulder-to-shoulder very quickly using the two grips. Take two batter's of similiar ability levels and with similiar hand speed and do this demonstration. Have one player use the "correct grip" and one use the "ax or incorrect grip". Have the batters take 10 shoulder-to-shoulder swings. See which batter completes the 10 swings first. This shows the kids how much faster the hands move when the correct grip is used. Note: Make sure to move the batters at a safe distance from each other and from other players when performing this illustration.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The BatAction Hitting Machine is the "ULTIMATE" Batting Trainer

  • Hitters practice hitting all pitch locations and switch hitting. Drill manual included fully explains drills for building skill and batspeed.Closely simulates real pitching.

  • Players can practice alone even when dad is at work or out of town.

  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!It makes hitting practice a fun, year-round activity enjoyed at home!

  • High speed moving ball really makes practice beneficial to hitters of all ages. Height and speed are adjustable.It is comparable to the backyard basketball goal because it is always ready, can be used year-round, and players simply love to hit it!

  • Owners of this machine tend to practice more often. That's why they are some of the game's hottest hitters. It's a great addition to any backyard.Self-contained and requires no nets or screens. Sets up in minutes without tools.

  • No balls to chase.Suitable for heavy-duty team or school use. Right and left handers can work together without having to stop and adjust the machine!There is absolutely nothing better for developing skill, batspeed, confidence, power and aggressiveness.

  • You can spend more money, but you will certainly not find a better machine for everyday home and team practice! Order your machine today!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bat Action Hitting Machine - "The Ultimate Backyard Trainer"

"The Ultimate Backyard Trainer"
The BatAction Machine is guaranteed to improve hitting skills. The engineering and technology that went into the design of this machine make it superior in quality, performance and productivity to other practice machines.

The BatAction Machine is "second to none" when it comes to boosting batting averages,increasing bat speed and power, eliminating strikeouts, and enhancing personal and team performances. Yes, it's revolutionizing home and team workouts.

It is becoming a known fact that the hitter that works out regularly, on this machine, will have an advantage over a hitter that does not. The BatAction Machine allows more versatility, repetition, and correct fundamental practice than any other machine ever invented. The BatAction Machine produces hitting success!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where Does Power Come From For A Youth Baseball Hitter? by Chip Lemin

Greetings to all coaches,

To help your players develop more power in their swings, you must instruct them to have balance throughout the entire swing. In the previous article,on 2-14-08, I discussed the stance of the hitter. This includes even weight distribution right from the trigger of the swing. In order to generate power, the swing must be compact and short. Yes players with long swings will generate power also, but they generally will not make as much consistent contact.

Many youth baseball players will have far too much hand and foot movement to achieve balance throughout the entire swing. These players could get away with these flaws when pitchers are just trying to throw strikes in younger leagues. As pitchers develop velocity and location these flaws will be exposed.Some young players will resist keeping their hands held up high. They resist keeping their shoulders stacked up over their feet. They may not have a wide enough base in their stance. These players like to stride out at the ball. A small controlled stride is acceptable. Many newer coaches are unaware that a long stride will hamper the player's power base.Many of the top youth baseball hitters will no stride at all. They may use some front foot movement as a timing trigger to begin to "load up' their swing.

I became a student of the baseball swing to learn all I could. When your gets professional instruction (which I encourage) pay close attention,and take notes.Many of the instructors are great sources of knowledge who are willing to help you too. After all, it is in their best interest for your players to improve. It is a reflection on his talent as an instructor.It may mean more business for him.It is the player's responsibility to work on their swing. You can give them the tools and information. You can attempt to inspire them to work harder. Don't feel any guilt about a player's swing if they are not putting in extra work to improve.

Players must look at the pitcher with both eyes. Too often the player's shoulder position will be turned so that both eyes are not on the ball. These batters may have hit the ball well at lower even with these flaws,it may take some strikeouts or weakly hit balls to get their attention. Just be a patient instructive leader. Focus on what the batter is doing right first, then move on to correcting mistakes. Most young players don't get proper extension and follow through on their swings.They may be trying too hard to pull all pitches. This is a common mistake. When players wrap the bat around on their follow through, and it ends up below the front shoulder, it is a sign that they are "pulling off "of the ball. The finish should be up high, with the bat and the hands up near or above the front shoulder.

Power is not always generated just by size. It is a function of bat speed.The quicker the bat head can get into the hitting zone the better. The batter's hands must lead into the zone, and the hips and torso will follow. The player must focus on extension through the entire hitting zone. This will help the player to finish the swing with a nice high follow through. Then the hips and torso will come along also. Professional instruction with a qualified instructor is worth every cent. I believe the coaching staff will get just as much help from it as the players. There will be more articles on hitting for youth baseball players coming up soon. Thanks Coach Chip

Coach Chip
Chip Lemin has been a promoter of youth baseball since they started using aluminum bats. That's a long time. I have witnessed many good people get into coaching without solid coaching skills and it is not fun for them or the kids.Today's newer coaches are also being shortchanged on sportsmanship, like there is none. Visit my site to sign up for a insightful, informational, free coaching e-course at
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chip_Lemin

Friday, October 10, 2008

Buy a BatAction Hitting Machine - "Make an Investment in a Player's Future"


Your concern for your child's sports success is evident. Your child is fortunate to have a parent that cares so much about their success! I sincerely want your child to experience success, just like you!

Our company is founded upon the principle that every player is a winner when they reach their maximum potential as a player.

If you feel that your child has the potential to be a better hitter, I know that we can help! If you want to give your child every advantage possible when competing with the opposition or with peers for a team position, we can help! Our training equipment and training "Know-how" can help you help your child!

Maybe your job or work restricts the amount of time you are allowed to spend helping your child. If this is true, I want you to know that we offer the best home training equipment available today!

The best and most efficient trainer we sell is the BatAction Hitting Machine. It produces incredible results faster than anything else. It carries our "Success and Satisfaction or Money-Back" offer. You can not go wrong when you buy this great machine! We have thousands of collegiate hitters playing today that grew up hitting this fine machine! It has been helping young hitters improve for 10 years!

If you have questions about the BatAction Machine, please call our customer support, toll free number, 1-877-431-4487. Happy Hitting, Coach Nick President Nedco Sports

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 10 Speed Training Myths by: Patrick Beith

1. Static stretching prepares you to compete/practice

Static stretching actually reduces power output. Athletes should prepare for practice by doing a dynamic warm up that moves from basic, low intensity movements to faster, more explosive movements as the muscles loosen up. You want to simulate movements that athletes will go through in practice or a game. What happens when you try and stretch a cold rubber band? In a way, you can think about your muscles the same way.

2. Strength training makes females too bulky

This is a popular mindset with many female athletes that we have worked with. Simply look at some elite female athletes like Mia Hamm, Lisa Leslie, etc. These athletes certainly train with weights and no one would accuse them of having manly physiques. Strength training will improve performance and reduce injury if done correctly.

3. You can't train speed

For some reason it is a popular belief that you are born with a certain amount of ‘speed' and you can't improve it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most young athletes are so physically weak and mechanically out of tune that significant improvements in speed can be made often just by working on technique and form. Athletes at any age and any level can improve speed when implementing a complete speed training program designed to improve and develop the entire athlete.

4. Training slow makes you fast

I don't think coaches directly think this way, but their training implies otherwise. This is especially true in sports that involve a higher aerobic element such as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc. I see kids out running mileage and doing long slow intervals of several minutes of continuous running. And this will get them in shape. But in games I see kids jogging, jogging and then sprinting at full speed for 20-30 yards, run, jog, sprint for 20-30 yards. If you want kids to improve their acceleration and top speed so they can get to the ball faster or get back on defense, then you have to train by running at full speed in practice.

5. You can train hard every day

The workout itself is only a piece of the training puzzle. It is the time between intense workouts, the recovery, where athletes make their improvements. And generally it takes 36-48 hours to recover from high intensity training. If athletes are doing too much, too often they become over trained. Coaches can expect to see an increase in injuries, kids complaining that they are sore more often, decreased performance, higher levels of fatigue earlier in games. It's always better to under train an athlete than over train. Err on the side of caution to get maximal results.

6. Strength training will stunt a young athlete's growth

This is another myth held over from a different time. On a daily basis, kids as young as 7 years old are playing organized sports year round, tackling, getting tackled, sliding, falling etc.. These loads on the body can have a much greater physical impact than a well designed strength training program. Though we don't usually begin training with weights with pre pubescent athletes, they can benefit from body weight exercises such as push ups, lunges, sit ups, etc. This will increase muscular efficiency, speed up recovery, improve coordination and overall speed.

7. The harder the workout, the better the result

Some athletes (and coaches) have this mentality that if a workout doesn't reduce them to complete exhaustion and/or make them vomit, that it wasn't an effective workout. I can tell you that those who have this mentality probably see a lot of injuries and frustrating performances. The purpose of a workout is to stimulate an adaptation by the body. If the body is forced to do too much work in a given time period, it will break down. The skill in coaching is to stimulate the adaptation in the body, without reaching a point of diminishing returns.

8. Interval training is the same as speed training

Running repeat 100s, 200s, etc will not improve top speeds. Even running repeat 40s with short recovery will not improve acceleration and top speeds. Speed work is defined at 2-8 seconds of maximal intensity running with full recovery. That means at least 2 minutes of light dynamic movement between each effort. This goes against the experience of some coaches, but simply put, is the only way to improve speed. An athlete must be able to focus on proper form and maintain intensity in order to get faster. If they do not recover properly from each interval, they will not be able to replicate proper mechanics with consistency and they can not improve.

9. Flexibility won't help you get faster

Both coaches and athletes spend so much time on the skills of their sport, speed training and conditioning that they often forget a fundamental component of success: flexibility. After practice or a game, the muscles are warm and loose. Now is the time to work on increasing flexibility. So many athletes suffer injuries or compete below their capacity because poor flexibility inhibits their range of motion and speed. We see this often in the hips and hip flexors where athletes' stride length appears conspicuously short. Most often we see this in male athletes who will lift weights, train hard and then skip out on their cool down and flexibility work.

10. Lift your knees

I hear so many parents and coaches yelling to their kids when they want them to run faster or when they are beginning to fatigue, "Lift your knees, Get your knees up". This is one of the most backwards cues we can give to athletes. The way to run faster is to apply more force to the ground. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so the more force you apply to the ground, the more the ground will give back. So when we cue athletes to lift their knees we're doing two things incorrectly. One, we're telling them to use their hip flexors to lift instead of their glutes and hamstrings to drive down. Just think about the size of your hip flexor versus the size of the glutes and hamstrings. Now which muscles do you think can create more force and therefore more speed?

Second, we're cueing them to do learn a movement that is in opposition to what generates speed. If an athlete learns at age 7, to lift their knees when they need a burst of speed, that improper cue will be hardwired into their brain.

To unlearn that as a teen and try to do the opposite and drive down, that athlete will have a difficult time coordinating an entirely new way of running and will potentially have to take a step or two backwards. That's why it is critical to learn proper form early and get an advantage over those who still aren't getting the best instruction. So cue athletes to step over the opposite knee and drive the foot down into the ground, with the foot landing underneath the hip.

About The Author
Patrick Beith is a Performance Consultant for Athletes' Acceleration, Inc and has helped develop the Complete Speed Training System (www.CompleteSpeedTraining.com). To learn more about Patrick Beith or for the latest training tips, programs, cutting edge strength and conditioning news, speed training and much more, visit www.AthletesAcceleration.com.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BatAction Impact Head and Powerbands

The only two components of the BatAction Machine that will ever wear out or that need to be replaced over time are the Ball Unit, called the Impact Head, and the "Power Cords" which are called the "Power-bands".

You may also order replacement knobs should you lose one.

If you ever need to buy these parts, you may call toll free, 1-877-431-4487 or order online at our BATACTION PARTS CATALOG.

Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Common Traits of Great Hitting

By Mitchell Dowdy

There are numerous hitting methods and styles that exist for baseball. They all claim the same thing: that they are the best; who's right and who's wrong? They all "can" work depending on the ability of the individual. Individual style from how you lace your cleats to the position of your hat and the 400 or so moving parts in between all add up to one result – smacking a round ball with a round bat in the sweet spot of both while getting down the baseline as fast as possible.

Different approaches, stances and swing, wrist speed etc. See what works and doesn't work for you. The consensus is that there are 7 common traits shared among great hitters, no matter what hitting method is used.

1. Comfort – What is there or worry about? Relax, the guy 45 or more feet away is gonna throw a ball at you. You have seen it before, you will see it again. So what if you take one for the team, stay in there and drive it right back at the person who threw it at you. The batter is really in control of the outcome. How many times have you seen players hit the ball when its over their head, way inside or even bouncing off the plate. Calm down, you can put the bat on the ball whenever YOU decide.
2. Confidence – Don't let your mind strike you out before you begin. If you are convinced you can hit the ball, what's to stop you? Believe in yourself and let it happen. Be mindful of the count, when you are ahead, look for the good ones, when behind, smack it! If you leave it up to the Umpire to see it the way you do, chances are you'll be walking back to the dug out. You have tons of time at the batting cages and practice, you can HIT IT!

3. See the Ball Watch the pitcher, does he release the ball from over his head, off to the side, under hand? The key is the ball is in his hand and the release point will be within fractions of an each on each pitch. So, if it always starts in the same place, how does it get all over? Simple, its variation in the motions it takes to get to the release point. But get over all that, when you see where it starts, you can determine where its going and your bat will follow your eyes instructions.
4. The Twitch Your reaction to the ball being released is the twitch, the quicker your twitch, the longer you can watch the ball. If your twitch is slower, start it sooner. I have seen batters wait for half the distance before they start their swing, I have seen others begin their step as soon as the pitcher leaves their balance point.
5. Core Power It really begins with the feet, then torso then hands. But you need to have all three work in rhythm. Power is transferred form the feet to the torso which multiplies the power by expanding the circle and creating speed, which is then transferred into the hands. If any part over-powers the following, you loose the build up of momentum. Work on getting all three to work together.
6. Swing - Keep it short and sweet! You are closer to the plate than you think, so keep the hands inside and let the bat do the work. Step, turn the hips while keeping your hands back, power is loaded and transferred through the core, whamo.. let it all out at once! DO NOT BE TIMID ABOUT SWINGING AT THE BALL! Swing, Swing, Swing! Remember #2, believe in yourself, you can hit anything! And it does not matter how well it is driven each time, the point of the matter is putting the bat on the ball ::: PERIOD::::
7. Balance – You can't hit well from the ground There cannot be enough said about balance. It allows you to see the ball, transfer power to the ball and get out of the box. The quickest way to learn is hitting soft toss from a teeter board, if you can do it there, there is no question you can do it from the dirt. Learn to swing through the ball with the bat, not your whole body. If your body follows your arms you are taking away from the power sent up from your legs. Bring the bat around and keep your feet. So what does it all add up to? You will hit the ball the way your body, skill and ability sees best for you to assemble your 400 or so moving parts.
Work on the elements of hitting on their own. And remember, batting practice is just that, batting practice! Plan your practice accordingly, some time on each of the pieces, then more time putting it all together. Don't try to do both at the same time, it's a sure recipe for frustration. To commit good habits to muscle memory, do your conditioning first, get the muscles nice and tired; this is the moment you must make every effort to do motions correctly. If your lazy about the particulars when you are tired, it will come out at the game.

You want to train yourself and your body to react quickly and correctly. Only perfect practice can make perfect (to quote from Cal Ripken Sr.) Mitchell Dowdy Copyright 2007 may be reprinted in whole with linksMr. Dowdy is the father of 3 and after re-entering competitive baseball with his oldest that lead to frustration of finding suitable glove, he became an Official Distributor for Kelley Athletic Baseball.Source:www.isnare.com

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - "Hip Turner" Drill

One of the most difficult things to teach younger hitters is the process of using the hips to generate power and bat speed. The key first element to teaching them to use their hips is to do a drill that allows them to see and feel how the hips should turn. The "Hip Turner" drill works great for this purpose.

Have the batter assume the "inside pitch location" drill position. The BatAction Ball should be directed at the batters front hip with the ball's location inside and out in front of the front leg.

The batter will then look away from the ball and find a "landmark" to identify visually. It is great to have a player or coach stand behind the batter at a safe distance. The coach will instruct the batter to assume the ready position and then look back at their teammate or coach. The coach then gives the player the instruction to take a full swing, turn the hips completely, and then look at your teammate or coach from the other side. This look, swing and look, process is done for 4 swings.

This over exaggeration of the hip involvement allows young players to see how the hips turn, how much the hips can turn, and to usderstand what their coach means when he says "turn on that inside pitch". Then the batter is allowed to take 6 more swings.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

Here at Nedco Sports, we have built our family business on the performance of the BatAction Hitting Machine! Since 1999 we have been building the BatAction Self-Trainer™ Machine! We sell thousands and thousands of machines every year! And we back every one with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Even with thousands and thousands sold, we have less that a dozen returns each year. Most of those are because hitting the BatAction's fast moving ball was too challenging for the users needs.

What is the BatAction Guarantee?

Buy a new BatAction Hitting Machine and use it for 90 days. If you are not happy with the results that you see, you simply pack it up and send it back for a FULL REFUND minus shipping cost. Buying a BATACTION SELF-TRAINER™ Machine is a NO-RISK purchase.

We back the BatAction Self-Trainer™ Machine with the ABSOLUTE BEST WARRANTIES and 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEES in the industry! If you have questions, we can help! Call 1-877-431-4487 now! Give your team the BATACTION™ ADVANTAGE, Order Now! You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Youth Baseball Coaching Tips for You - Be a Positive Example By Chip Lemin


You must welcome competition, your team will not improve by winning every game against weaker teams. You should step up to play teams better than yours. You will find out a lot about you and your players by defeat as well as victory.

If you are to play to your full potential, you must be willing to put out just a little more. That willingness to put out a little more in youth baseball often makes the difference. As a youth baseball coach, you should encourage your players to let it all out at times and take some chances to make that special play. Hopefully your players will not feel that making a mistake will prevent them from really going for it. Which leads us to the next baseball and life tip.

Read Entire Article at the Baseball Coaches Digest.

BatAction Hitting Machine - 100% Guaranteed to Improve Hitting Performance

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Understanding the Baseball Swing by Nate Barnett

If I asked you to give a five minute lecture on hitting mechanics start to finish, could you do it? If the answer is yes, then you've undoubtedly done some research on the baseball swing. If the answer is no, then there is some work to be done, and you'll want to read on, especially if you're in a role where you provide any type of baseball instruction.

Coaches must be continual learners if they are going to stay in this game for long and attract some success. The most dangerous attitude anyone of influence can obtain is an attitude of arrival. Therefore, be a constant learner.

The baseball swing can be broken down into various parts and movements. The key for any good coach or athlete is to understand first what these parts are, and secondly, to understand the sequence of these moving parts throughout the swing. Without getting into depth on the specific parts in this article, my purpose in writing this is to introduce how energy is created within the baseball swing. Click Here to continue Reading This Article

BatAction.comBat Action Hitting Machines at Discount Prices at Baseball2u.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Improve Your Baseball Hitting Simply Thru Practice by Author: Jack Elliott

Much like everything in life, you get better at things the more times you do them. Baseball Hitting is no different. For this reason, the best baseball hitting advice anyone can give you is to practice your swing. Mickey Mantle was said to swing the bat at least 100 times a day right handed and then do the same left handed. Also, modern day players like Barry Bonds are said to swing the baseball bat 500-1000 times a day. If this strategy works for the pros, it can also work for you.

How to implement this Baseball Hitting Strategy: Continue Reading

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - Design Makes a Difference

Horizontal ball presentation is one of the keys to the popularity of the BatAction Hitting Machine by Nedco Sports. The BatAction Machine's innovative patented design offers huge benefits when it comes to baseball hitting drills and instruction in proper hitting mechanics.

The ball is suspended in mid-air without cables, string, or ropes. This unique patented design allows the ball to react to the bat's contact much like a real ball.

The batter receives instant feedback as to the quality and power of every swing. The batter can immediately read the ball after contact to see if the ball hit was a line drive, ground ball or fly ball. This instant feedback is extremely useful and beneficial to rapid skill improvement and bat speed development.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baseball Coach's Feedback


Can't tell you how happy myself, my two boys and the 13-14 select baseball team are with the BatAction Machine I purchased from you back in February. I am the teams hitting instructor.

Since the day I received it, this machine has been an integral part of my hitting instructions. The boys absolutely love to work with this machine! For the first time in team history, we have several boys that are carrying a 400+ BA after nine games, the remaining boys are in the 300+ range. Impressive stats based on the kind of pitching we face.

The boys are more focused with clean crisp line drive swings. They now carry loads of confidence to the plate.
Thank you! The machine is flat out great!

M.S. McKinney, TX


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 911

We will never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BatAction Machine - High Speed Yields High Returns

Bat Action Training Machines offer many great benefits as hit training machines. But the 3 things I love the most are:
  1. The high speed ball movement closely simulates real pitch movement. The batter must keep his or her eyes on the ball, track it's path and hit it as it speeds around the machine. This high speed movement develops incredible hitting skill, improves hitting mechanics, and builds total batter confidence.
  2. The ball reacts like a real baseball or softball when it is hit. If you hit a linedrive, it feels like you hit a linedrive, your see a linedrive come off your bat, and the ball is driven around the machine. The harder you hit the ball, the faster it's return speed is. Instant feedback is one of the BatAction's most unique, innovative, and productive features. Therefore, it is known and respected for improving hitting mechanics and swing quality.
  3. The Bat Action ball is suspended horizontally. This unique and patented design allows the ball to come back at various hights. True, the height variation may be only an inch or two inches, but this slight varaiation makes it necessary for the batter to concentrate and keep the eyes on the ball. That is why BatAction Macine owner's have such great concentarion at the plate and rarely strike out.

Have a great day, Nick

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BatAction Replacement Parts

How to Purchase BatAction Replacement Parts:

There are really only 2 parts on your BatAction Trainer that you will have to eventually replace. They are the BatAction impact head ball component and the BatAction powerbands.

These BatAction parts can be purchased at www.CoachesBest.com and are in stock and normally ship within 1 business day.

The BatAction impact head is the rod that has the ball attached to the end and extends out into the hitting zone. This part is warrantied by Nedco Sports for 1 full year. It should last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on amount of use and the age of the users. It takes just seconds to replace the old one with the new one when purchased.

The BatAction powerbands are the 3 bungee cords that are included with the package. These cords are what stop and return the machine when the hitter contacts the ball. The BatAction powerbands should last 3 to 6 months, but some last even longer. Again, it depends on the amount of use. These powerbands will also last longer if they are kept out of the rain and sun when not in use.

Another tip to make the BatAction powerbands last longer is to make sure the hitter lets the machine properly "unwind" before contacting the ball again. In other words, make sure the powerbands uncoil from around the column housing before hitting the next pitch. Do not just keep hitting and winding the cords. They will stretch and eventually break.

To view or purchase these parts, click on the following link.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BatAction ball impact head redesigned in 2007

This information applies to all BatAction Pro or Youth units purchased before March 7, 2007.

In March 2007, Nedco Sports redesigned the BatAction ball impact head and top component. The older models (any purchased prior to March 2007) had a safety insert pin that dropped into the top component to help hold the impact head in place. The newer models do not have that pin.

The new BatAction top components have 2 knobs on top that recess down into the molded impact head when assembled. The new impact heads have 2 metal cups molded into the top of them to allow those 2 knobs on the top component to tighten down and hold the impact head in place. To view the new top component, please go to http://store.baseball2u.com/batopconede.html

The older model impact heads ARE NOT compatible with the newly designed top components. The newly designed impact heads ARE NOT compatible with the old top components.

If you have a BatAction Youth or Pro that was purchased before March 7, 2007, when you purchase a replacement ball impact head, you will also have to purchase the newly designed top component.
You may see these items at http://store.baseball2u.com/baacca.html.

Once you purchase the newly designed top component, your BatAction will be compatible with all future impact heads.

Please call us at 877-431-4487 with any questions or visit us at www.coachesbest.com.

Have a nice day.


Monday, August 18, 2008


Troubleshooting the BatAction Machine

Today we will discuss 2 situations that some of our BatAction Machine owners have encountered over the years. The BatAction Machine has a very simple design and requires very little troubleshooting. However, the 2 following things could happen to your BatAction and we offer the solution to each below.

Problem 1: The BatAction powerbands get caught up on the height adjustment knob when the unit rotates around after the hitter contacts the ball.

Solution: Always make sure the height adjustment collar's knob is lined up directly under the knob on the right side of the orange top component. The top component is the orange 2" square metal piece that houses the square end of the impact head ball component. Making sure these two knobs stay lined up under one another should correct this problem.

Problem 2: When hit, the ball will not come back to the hitter smoothly. Instead, it stops or pauses when returning to the hitter.

Solution: If this problem occurs, all you need to do is lubricate the axle of your machine. The axle is the shaft that rotates inside the column housing. We recommend a heavy duty type grease be used so you will not have to do this very often. You can also use a spray lubricant. However, if you use a spray lubricant, such as silicone, you will have to re-apply on a regular basis. The better grease you use, the less you have to re-apply. If you use a good grease, you should only have to grease the unit 1 time per year.

Hopefully, this info will help you BatAction owners get the most out of your investment.

Have a nice day, Nick

Monday, August 11, 2008

BatAction FAQ.

Just a few of the questions our customer service reps get about the BatAction.......

BatAction Machine Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages can use the BatAction Machine?
Answer: The BatAction Pro is recommended for ages 6 & up.

How long doe it take to assemble the BatAction Machine?
Answer: Initial assembly takes around 5-7 minutes following the instruction booklet. Assembly and disassembly after the initial setup takes about 2 minutes. No tools are required to assemble the BatAction Pro. It assembles with 9 hand tightened knobs.

What powers the BatAction Machine?
Answer: The machine is powered by heavy-duty bungee cords. These cords stop the unit's rotation and bring the ball component back into the hitting zone for the hitter to contact again. The hitter gets a swing every 4-7 seconds.

What are the height adjustments of the BatAction Machine?
Answer: The BatAction Machine will adjust from 25" to 38". However, because of the flexibility of the ball impact rod, the hitter gets a different height pitch each time. This make the hitter adjust on each swing instead of swinging on the same plane or in the same spot to contact the ball. The machine simulates live pitching scenarios by making the hitter adjust with each swing.

Where can the BatAction Machine be used?
Answer: The machine can be used indoors or outdoors. Many people use them in their garage or basements in the off-season. The machine can also be easily transported to and from practices and games in it's included carrying bag.

Does the BatAction Machine benefit fastpitch softball players also?
Answer: Yes, the BatAction Machine benefits fastpitch softball players and baseball players. There are many fastpitch teams and players using the machine today.

What warranties or guarantees are included with the BatAction Machine?
Answers: The BatAction Machine comes with a 90 day Money-Back Guarantee and a full 1 year warranty.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have about the BatAction Machine.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stop Young Batters from "Stepping in The Bucket"

When I direct my summer baseball camps, I run across every baseball hitting flaw known to man! However, one of the common hitting flaws I see is a young baseball player's fear of the baseball or that they step out on every swing of the bat!

The BatAction "Step-in-and-hit" Drill is a highly effective baseball training drill for teaching young baseball and softball players to step toward the pitcher or to stop stepping out. We have used this baseball hitting drill for years in our baseball camps to teach proper baseball hitting fundamentals.

How does it work:
  • The batter will set up at his or her normal hitting position in relationship to the machine's ball.
  • The batter will then step back one step farther away from the machine than normal.
  • The object of the drill is to have the batter step toward the ball and to swing when the front foot lands. This prevents the batter from stepping out.
  • The batter will step forward first with the back foot, straight toward the BatAction Machine, then, the batter will move the front foot with a step toward the machine.
  • These two short steps should put the batter in perfect hitting position.
  • The main point here to remember is that the batter must iniate the swing immediately when the front foot lands. This quickness does not allow the foot to be moved backward or to step out.
  • It is recommended that the player do at least 12 of these reps each time they workout on the BatAction Machine.
  • Many coaches and parents have said that this drill is extremely effective in eliminating a batter's tendency to "step in the bucket".

I hope this drill helps. Have a great day! Till next time, Nick

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BatAction Machine: A Great Off-Season Training Tool

BatAction: A Great Tool for Off-Season Training

The BatAction Hitting Machine is a great tool for keeping your hitters in shape during the off-season. Many people make use of this machine during the months that they cannot practice outdoors....especially in the Northern parts of the country where Winters are longer and more harsh.

Working out on the BatAction Machine just 15-30 minutes a day 2-3 times a week can keep your hitters tuned up and have them that much closer to being ready when the season rolls back around. Every year, more and more kids and leagues play more and more games. Keeping your hitters in shape year 'round can be greatly beneficial to them and their success.

People all over the country are using the BatAction Machine in the Winter months in places such as the garage and basement. All you need is 12' by 9' of open space to use this product indoors.
Set the BatAction Machine up and leave it so your players can practice hitting whenever they wish without having to go through any setup. This allows kids to practice on impulse, which will increase the amount of times they want to practice. If a player can just pick up a bat and start hitting, they are subject to practice hitting more often. No gathering balls, no feeding or loading balls, no coaches or other players needed......JUST HITTING!

To find out more great benefits of the BatAction Hitting Machine, visit www.bataction.com.

Have a great day, Nick.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BatAction Baseball Team Drills - How Is the machine used for team practices?

Good Morning. Many people how is the BatAction Baseball Trainer best untilized for team practices. Here are some recommendations:

  • The machine is setup in a location that is safe and out of the way.
  • There will be players hitting on it all day.
  • I suggest having each player do a set workout including hitting all pitch locations and the specific purpose drills.
  • I suggest writing the drills on a sheet of paper and attaching it to the fence near the machine.
  • The player can follow the workout and this makes sure every drill is done daily.

Sample:Daily Workout Sheet
BatAction Daily Workout

--Drill Hip-Turner - 10 Swings

--Top Hand Drill - 10 Swings

--Pull Hand drill - 10 Swings

--Contact Middle - 10 Swings

--Rapid Fire Drill - 10 Swings

--See and Hit Drill - 15 Swings

60 Swings total per player during each round.

This is a suggested daily workout.

The "See & Hit" drill is a fast action drill that the hitter positions himself in regular position and takes 15 swings. The batter should take the time to reset after each swing. Quality, not quanity is the goal.

Note: The "Switch-Hitters" drill may be added for those players that hit from both sides. Switch hitters should do a "double" workout taking swings from both sides.

Good luck till next time, Nick.

Monday, July 21, 2008

BatAction Machine - "The Basketball Goal For Baseball and Softball Players"

Hello. I hope you had a great weekend.

The BatAction Machine's is often referred to the "Backyard Basketball Goal For Hitters". The reasons for this comparison are:
  • If you set the BatAction Machine up indoors or outdoors for year-round use, your player is likely to hit it often. The BatAction Machine is so easy and fun to use that many player's hit it for entertainment.
  • Hitter's love to hit as much as basketball players love to shoot. It is smart to make a hitting station available to your player all year round. The thousands of additional batting practice swings taken in the off-season will greatly improve skill, bat speed and confidence.
  • If your baseball or softball player is a serious prospect. Where is their time better spent, shooting a game of "Horse" on the basketball goal or the "Hitting Streak" game on the BatAction Machine?

Have a great day! Till next time, Nick

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine- Hip Turner Drill

The Hip Turner Drill is a great drill for players who are having difficulty getting their lower body involved in their swing. This drill will help your hitter get maximim rotation in the hips during impact of the ball.

BatAction Hip Turner Drill

  • This drill is the perfect drill for hitters who lack power or do not get their lower body and involved in the swing.

  • To perform the drill, the hitter points the BatAction impact ball at his/her front side back pocket. So for a righty, the ball should be positioned towards the left back pocket of the hitter as if trying to hit an extreme inside pitch.

  • The hitter then contacts the ball opening the hips all the way up getting maximum rotation. The ball should be positioned so the hitter must exagerate hip rotation in order to make contact.

  • The hitter should get a swing every 10 seconds or so after the ball returns and comes nearly settled much like a tee drill.

  • The hitter should not take a stride in this drill- just rotate fully at the hips when making contact with the ball.
Note: Make sure the hitter does not step out or stride open during this drill. If the hitter opens
up instead of rotating fully at the hips, the effectiveness of the drill is lost.

Good Luck until next time, Nick.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BatAction Baseball Hitting Machine - Hitting Streak Drill

The Baseball "Hitting Streak" Drill is one of the most pupular Bat Action Machine batting trainer drills. The drill is fun, entertaining and challenging for hitters of all ages and ability levels.

"Hitting Streak" Baseball Training Drill

  • The drill can be a competition bewteen two or more players or the batter can compete against his or her personal best "Batting Streak" number.
  • The Batting Streak number is the number of times a batter makes contact with the BatAction Ball before a swing and a miss.
  • Contact of any kind keeps the streak "alive". The batter is not allowed to touch the ball with the hands or the bat between swings. If the batter miss hits the ball, the ball will react in a bobbling motion. The batter must hit the ball as it bobbles. This requires great concentration.
  • If the ball stops moving completely the drill is over. The ball must be kept moving.
  • The player with the most hits in a row wins the match. This is a great drill or activity for team competitions.
  • Tracking the ball at all times as it circles the machine is a must for a player to be successful.

Note: Make sure that players allow the ball to pass at least once or twice between swings. If the batter does not allow the BatAction Powerbands to unwrap, to release tension, they will continue to wrap tighter and tighter until they stess and break. This is usually not a problem because most users of this great baseball training machine realize that the BatAction Machine operates on a "wrapping and unwrapping" process.

Good Luck til next time, Nick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BatAction Baseball Batting Machine Basics

Wow! What a game last night. I know that you enjoyed the 2008 Major League AllStar Game as much as I did. Long game..but it was fun to watch!

Bat Action Baseball Batting Machine Tips:
  • Always remember that the BatAction Machine is great for off-season and year-round workouts. Keeping this great baseball and softball training aid setup in your garage, carport or basement is a great way to add thousands of additional off-season batting practice swings. These "bonus" swings will definitely increase bat speed, improve power, and develop incredible baseball and softball hitting skill.
  • You can use sand bags to anchor your BatAction Hitting Machine when you use it on hard surfaces like cement floors. Make sure to set your machine up in a safe area with adequate space for full swings.

Good Luck till next time, Nick

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008 - A special night for all baseball fans!

The 59th Major League Allstar Game

This is truly America's game. Seeing such a great collection of Major League Allstars on the field for the National Anthem will always be a memory that I will cherish.

I am proud to have the priviledge to coach such a great game.

It was great to Yogi Berra, one of my all time favorites Hall of Famers. The clips of him leaping high into the arms of Don Larson in the 1956 World Series were a special touch to the telecast. For more on the 1956 World Series visit the Baseball Almanac.

I can't talk about Yogi without including three of his famous quotes that I consider to be "classic":

"You can observe a lot just by watching."
"I always thought that record would stand until it was broken."
"Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical."
For More MLB Quotes - Baseball Amanac

Amazing Facts: Yogi Berra originally sined for $500 and $90 dollars a month. Yankee Stadium cost 2.5 mil to build. Now 41 MLB players make more annually than it cost to build that stadium.

Thank you Major League Baseball for a great 2008 AllStar Game. You again proved why Baseball is Truly America's Game!

Monday, July 14, 2008

BatAction Baseball Trainer Drill Tip: How many powerbands do you use?

One of the most frequently asked questions is related to how many powerbands should be used with a BatAction Baseball Trainer. The "BatAction Powerbands" are the energy source the BatAction Machine batting trainer. The BatAction Baseball Trainer operates with a "wrapping and unwrapping" motion. When the batter hits the ball, the elastic powerbands slow the ball's forward motion down until the ball stops. Then the powerbands unwrap to return to the ball to the batter. There are several tips for using your powerbands:
1. Most users use 2 powerbands. 2 bands serve to bring the ball back at a speed suitable for all ages and ability levels. Putting more than 2 bands on the machine tends to make the unit to "stiff" or limits ball movement. Using only 1 powerband may cause the ball return speed to be too slow.
2. The harder a ball is hit, the faster the ball's return speed. If a 12 year old and his 16 year old brother are hitting the BatAction trainer, the ball will return at different speeds for each. The older player will have greater bat speed so the ball when return at a faster speed.
3. Remember, the powerbands must be allowed to unwrap or they will become stressed and break. Batters should always allow the ball to pass by before hitting it again. If you hit the ball on every pass, the powerbands will keep wrapping tighter and tighter until they will stretch and pop. So always let the ball pass at leat two times between swings to protect your powerbands from over stressing.
Thanks for stopping in. Have a great day, Nick.

My first official post..

Hello and welcome to my BatAction Blog. This blog is dedicated to giving BatAction Hitting Machine owners the very latest in drills, tips, and training information. My goal is to help you improve your individual or team batting average with the innovative BatAction Hitting Machine baseball training aid. The high speed ball movement and the variety of drills that the BatAction Machine offers will improve bat speed, hitting skill, and batter confidence. I have a passion for baseball and baseball training. My goal is to help every baseball player reach their potential as a player. I hope that my post and articles are useful to you. Have a great day. Nick