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Monday, July 14, 2008

BatAction Baseball Trainer Drill Tip: How many powerbands do you use?

One of the most frequently asked questions is related to how many powerbands should be used with a BatAction Baseball Trainer. The "BatAction Powerbands" are the energy source the BatAction Machine batting trainer. The BatAction Baseball Trainer operates with a "wrapping and unwrapping" motion. When the batter hits the ball, the elastic powerbands slow the ball's forward motion down until the ball stops. Then the powerbands unwrap to return to the ball to the batter. There are several tips for using your powerbands:
1. Most users use 2 powerbands. 2 bands serve to bring the ball back at a speed suitable for all ages and ability levels. Putting more than 2 bands on the machine tends to make the unit to "stiff" or limits ball movement. Using only 1 powerband may cause the ball return speed to be too slow.
2. The harder a ball is hit, the faster the ball's return speed. If a 12 year old and his 16 year old brother are hitting the BatAction trainer, the ball will return at different speeds for each. The older player will have greater bat speed so the ball when return at a faster speed.
3. Remember, the powerbands must be allowed to unwrap or they will become stressed and break. Batters should always allow the ball to pass by before hitting it again. If you hit the ball on every pass, the powerbands will keep wrapping tighter and tighter until they will stretch and pop. So always let the ball pass at leat two times between swings to protect your powerbands from over stressing.
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