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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stop Young Batters from "Stepping in The Bucket"

When I direct my summer baseball camps, I run across every baseball hitting flaw known to man! However, one of the common hitting flaws I see is a young baseball player's fear of the baseball or that they step out on every swing of the bat!

The BatAction "Step-in-and-hit" Drill is a highly effective baseball training drill for teaching young baseball and softball players to step toward the pitcher or to stop stepping out. We have used this baseball hitting drill for years in our baseball camps to teach proper baseball hitting fundamentals.

How does it work:
  • The batter will set up at his or her normal hitting position in relationship to the machine's ball.
  • The batter will then step back one step farther away from the machine than normal.
  • The object of the drill is to have the batter step toward the ball and to swing when the front foot lands. This prevents the batter from stepping out.
  • The batter will step forward first with the back foot, straight toward the BatAction Machine, then, the batter will move the front foot with a step toward the machine.
  • These two short steps should put the batter in perfect hitting position.
  • The main point here to remember is that the batter must iniate the swing immediately when the front foot lands. This quickness does not allow the foot to be moved backward or to step out.
  • It is recommended that the player do at least 12 of these reps each time they workout on the BatAction Machine.
  • Many coaches and parents have said that this drill is extremely effective in eliminating a batter's tendency to "step in the bucket".

I hope this drill helps. Have a great day! Till next time, Nick

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