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Sunday, September 28, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - "Hip Turner" Drill

One of the most difficult things to teach younger hitters is the process of using the hips to generate power and bat speed. The key first element to teaching them to use their hips is to do a drill that allows them to see and feel how the hips should turn. The "Hip Turner" drill works great for this purpose.

Have the batter assume the "inside pitch location" drill position. The BatAction Ball should be directed at the batters front hip with the ball's location inside and out in front of the front leg.

The batter will then look away from the ball and find a "landmark" to identify visually. It is great to have a player or coach stand behind the batter at a safe distance. The coach will instruct the batter to assume the ready position and then look back at their teammate or coach. The coach then gives the player the instruction to take a full swing, turn the hips completely, and then look at your teammate or coach from the other side. This look, swing and look, process is done for 4 swings.

This over exaggeration of the hip involvement allows young players to see how the hips turn, how much the hips can turn, and to usderstand what their coach means when he says "turn on that inside pitch". Then the batter is allowed to take 6 more swings.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

Here at Nedco Sports, we have built our family business on the performance of the BatAction Hitting Machine! Since 1999 we have been building the BatAction Self-Trainer™ Machine! We sell thousands and thousands of machines every year! And we back every one with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Even with thousands and thousands sold, we have less that a dozen returns each year. Most of those are because hitting the BatAction's fast moving ball was too challenging for the users needs.

What is the BatAction Guarantee?

Buy a new BatAction Hitting Machine and use it for 90 days. If you are not happy with the results that you see, you simply pack it up and send it back for a FULL REFUND minus shipping cost. Buying a BATACTION SELF-TRAINER™ Machine is a NO-RISK purchase.

We back the BatAction Self-Trainer™ Machine with the ABSOLUTE BEST WARRANTIES and 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEES in the industry! If you have questions, we can help! Call 1-877-431-4487 now! Give your team the BATACTION™ ADVANTAGE, Order Now! You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Youth Baseball Coaching Tips for You - Be a Positive Example By Chip Lemin


You must welcome competition, your team will not improve by winning every game against weaker teams. You should step up to play teams better than yours. You will find out a lot about you and your players by defeat as well as victory.

If you are to play to your full potential, you must be willing to put out just a little more. That willingness to put out a little more in youth baseball often makes the difference. As a youth baseball coach, you should encourage your players to let it all out at times and take some chances to make that special play. Hopefully your players will not feel that making a mistake will prevent them from really going for it. Which leads us to the next baseball and life tip.

Read Entire Article at the Baseball Coaches Digest.

BatAction Hitting Machine - 100% Guaranteed to Improve Hitting Performance

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Understanding the Baseball Swing by Nate Barnett

If I asked you to give a five minute lecture on hitting mechanics start to finish, could you do it? If the answer is yes, then you've undoubtedly done some research on the baseball swing. If the answer is no, then there is some work to be done, and you'll want to read on, especially if you're in a role where you provide any type of baseball instruction.

Coaches must be continual learners if they are going to stay in this game for long and attract some success. The most dangerous attitude anyone of influence can obtain is an attitude of arrival. Therefore, be a constant learner.

The baseball swing can be broken down into various parts and movements. The key for any good coach or athlete is to understand first what these parts are, and secondly, to understand the sequence of these moving parts throughout the swing. Without getting into depth on the specific parts in this article, my purpose in writing this is to introduce how energy is created within the baseball swing. Click Here to continue Reading This Article

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Improve Your Baseball Hitting Simply Thru Practice by Author: Jack Elliott

Much like everything in life, you get better at things the more times you do them. Baseball Hitting is no different. For this reason, the best baseball hitting advice anyone can give you is to practice your swing. Mickey Mantle was said to swing the bat at least 100 times a day right handed and then do the same left handed. Also, modern day players like Barry Bonds are said to swing the baseball bat 500-1000 times a day. If this strategy works for the pros, it can also work for you.

How to implement this Baseball Hitting Strategy: Continue Reading

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - Design Makes a Difference

Horizontal ball presentation is one of the keys to the popularity of the BatAction Hitting Machine by Nedco Sports. The BatAction Machine's innovative patented design offers huge benefits when it comes to baseball hitting drills and instruction in proper hitting mechanics.

The ball is suspended in mid-air without cables, string, or ropes. This unique patented design allows the ball to react to the bat's contact much like a real ball.

The batter receives instant feedback as to the quality and power of every swing. The batter can immediately read the ball after contact to see if the ball hit was a line drive, ground ball or fly ball. This instant feedback is extremely useful and beneficial to rapid skill improvement and bat speed development.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baseball Coach's Feedback


Can't tell you how happy myself, my two boys and the 13-14 select baseball team are with the BatAction Machine I purchased from you back in February. I am the teams hitting instructor.

Since the day I received it, this machine has been an integral part of my hitting instructions. The boys absolutely love to work with this machine! For the first time in team history, we have several boys that are carrying a 400+ BA after nine games, the remaining boys are in the 300+ range. Impressive stats based on the kind of pitching we face.

The boys are more focused with clean crisp line drive swings. They now carry loads of confidence to the plate.
Thank you! The machine is flat out great!

M.S. McKinney, TX


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 911

We will never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BatAction Machine - High Speed Yields High Returns

Bat Action Training Machines offer many great benefits as hit training machines. But the 3 things I love the most are:
  1. The high speed ball movement closely simulates real pitch movement. The batter must keep his or her eyes on the ball, track it's path and hit it as it speeds around the machine. This high speed movement develops incredible hitting skill, improves hitting mechanics, and builds total batter confidence.
  2. The ball reacts like a real baseball or softball when it is hit. If you hit a linedrive, it feels like you hit a linedrive, your see a linedrive come off your bat, and the ball is driven around the machine. The harder you hit the ball, the faster it's return speed is. Instant feedback is one of the BatAction's most unique, innovative, and productive features. Therefore, it is known and respected for improving hitting mechanics and swing quality.
  3. The Bat Action ball is suspended horizontally. This unique and patented design allows the ball to come back at various hights. True, the height variation may be only an inch or two inches, but this slight varaiation makes it necessary for the batter to concentrate and keep the eyes on the ball. That is why BatAction Macine owner's have such great concentarion at the plate and rarely strike out.

Have a great day, Nick

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BatAction Replacement Parts

How to Purchase BatAction Replacement Parts:

There are really only 2 parts on your BatAction Trainer that you will have to eventually replace. They are the BatAction impact head ball component and the BatAction powerbands.

These BatAction parts can be purchased at www.CoachesBest.com and are in stock and normally ship within 1 business day.

The BatAction impact head is the rod that has the ball attached to the end and extends out into the hitting zone. This part is warrantied by Nedco Sports for 1 full year. It should last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on amount of use and the age of the users. It takes just seconds to replace the old one with the new one when purchased.

The BatAction powerbands are the 3 bungee cords that are included with the package. These cords are what stop and return the machine when the hitter contacts the ball. The BatAction powerbands should last 3 to 6 months, but some last even longer. Again, it depends on the amount of use. These powerbands will also last longer if they are kept out of the rain and sun when not in use.

Another tip to make the BatAction powerbands last longer is to make sure the hitter lets the machine properly "unwind" before contacting the ball again. In other words, make sure the powerbands uncoil from around the column housing before hitting the next pitch. Do not just keep hitting and winding the cords. They will stretch and eventually break.

To view or purchase these parts, click on the following link.

Have a nice day, Nick.