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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BatAction Machine - High Speed Yields High Returns

Bat Action Training Machines offer many great benefits as hit training machines. But the 3 things I love the most are:
  1. The high speed ball movement closely simulates real pitch movement. The batter must keep his or her eyes on the ball, track it's path and hit it as it speeds around the machine. This high speed movement develops incredible hitting skill, improves hitting mechanics, and builds total batter confidence.
  2. The ball reacts like a real baseball or softball when it is hit. If you hit a linedrive, it feels like you hit a linedrive, your see a linedrive come off your bat, and the ball is driven around the machine. The harder you hit the ball, the faster it's return speed is. Instant feedback is one of the BatAction's most unique, innovative, and productive features. Therefore, it is known and respected for improving hitting mechanics and swing quality.
  3. The Bat Action ball is suspended horizontally. This unique and patented design allows the ball to come back at various hights. True, the height variation may be only an inch or two inches, but this slight varaiation makes it necessary for the batter to concentrate and keep the eyes on the ball. That is why BatAction Macine owner's have such great concentarion at the plate and rarely strike out.

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