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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coaching Youth Baseball - Coaching Youth Softball - What Every Youth Coach Should Know

Coaching Youth Baseball - Coaching Youth Softball - What Every Youth Coach Should Know
By Steve Polk

If you are coaching youth baseball, coaching youth softball, or coaching youth basketball, there is one thing you need to know before you begin coaching youth sports no matter what the sport.

You Could Be Sued

Did you hear the story of the guy coaching kids baseball that was sued because of an injury that took place during a practice? Seems a 12 year old baseball player was injured during a drill to teach the kids how to catch a fly ball. The player couldn't find the ball due to the sun getting in his eyes and the ball hit him in the head.

Not only did the coach get sued but also the league the kid played in. In another story a softball coach who got sued when a player on his team slid into 3rd base and tore her meniscus. The parents claimed the coach didn't teach their daughter how to slide properly. The parents won the case and $125,000.

It really doesn't matter what youth sport you coach. You could be a soccer coach for youth, or any of the others mentioned here. You could be sued for the seemingly most innocent of things. An off the cuff remark or joke could be interpreted as being harassment or an innuendo of some kind. A kid not paying attention gets hits by a ball, or as kids sometimes do play practical jokes on one another and someone gets hurt. You end up getting sued.

Insurance Doesn't Solve The Problem

Your team or league may have insurance, but that doesn't stop a parent from filing a law suit against you. You could be totally not at fault and end up getting the case dismissed, but still have a bill from your attorney.

The Solution

There are a few companies that provide a low cost what is best referred to as a legal insurance plan. Such a plan will cover most if not all your legal expenses should you ever be sued. Such plans range from $17-$36 per month depending on what state you live in.

In The End It Doesn't Matter

In conclusion it really doesn't matter whether you are coaching youth baseball, softball, basketball, or soccer. If you are a coach you run the risk of being sued. It's becoming common place in this crazy world of ours. You just may want to look into a legal insurance plan.

Coaches You Run The Risk Of Getting Sued

Go right now while it's on your mind to http://coachyoucouldbesued.blogspot.com/ to find a low cost plan to cover legal expenses should you be sued so you don't have to worry and can get back to doing what you love most, coaching youth sports.

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