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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BatAction Baseball Team Drills - How Is the machine used for team practices?

Good Morning. Many people how is the BatAction Baseball Trainer best untilized for team practices. Here are some recommendations:

  • The machine is setup in a location that is safe and out of the way.
  • There will be players hitting on it all day.
  • I suggest having each player do a set workout including hitting all pitch locations and the specific purpose drills.
  • I suggest writing the drills on a sheet of paper and attaching it to the fence near the machine.
  • The player can follow the workout and this makes sure every drill is done daily.

Sample:Daily Workout Sheet
BatAction Daily Workout

--Drill Hip-Turner - 10 Swings

--Top Hand Drill - 10 Swings

--Pull Hand drill - 10 Swings

--Contact Middle - 10 Swings

--Rapid Fire Drill - 10 Swings

--See and Hit Drill - 15 Swings

60 Swings total per player during each round.

This is a suggested daily workout.

The "See & Hit" drill is a fast action drill that the hitter positions himself in regular position and takes 15 swings. The batter should take the time to reset after each swing. Quality, not quanity is the goal.

Note: The "Switch-Hitters" drill may be added for those players that hit from both sides. Switch hitters should do a "double" workout taking swings from both sides.

Good luck till next time, Nick.

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