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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yankees to Win 2009 World Series?

By Brett Kingston

Through their first two games of the 2009 ALCS, the Yankees have looked rock solid. It took 13 innings to beat the Los Angeles Angels in game 2, but they played their hearts out and they were there to produce when it mattered most.

The NY Yankees now have a 2 games to none lead on the Los Angeles Angels. While both of these games have been won at home, the Yankees have yet to slip up in these 2009 MLB playoffs. They're now 5-0 in overall playoff play, and you have to wonder when the team will lose its first game already.

The pitching has been phenomenal in New York, and the hitting has just been clutch, to put it simply. Alex Rodriguez already has three post season home runs, and they've been big ones at that. His game tying home run against the Angels in extra innings during game 2 literally saved the game for the Yankees. This is a stark contrast to the Rodriguez who's been so well known for blowing big opportunities at the plate for his team.

Maybe things are different in New York this year. This seems like a Yankees team with a tremendous amount of confidence, and their talent is unrivaled by any other team in baseball.

Might it be enough to surpass the Angels in the ALCS and then the winner of the Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS series should they make it to the World Series? It seems like 2009 could be the year that brings the Yanks their first World Series in 9 seasons.

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