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Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Effective Baseball Hitting Tips

By Jason M Paul

Tip #1: Pick Your Swings

Nothing causes batters to strike out more often than their swinging at poorly-placed pitches. Memorize your strike zone. Hold out for strong pitches and make the pitcher throw you strikes. If you make a serious effort to only swing at the pitches that are obvious strikes, especially for strike 1 then you will find yourself swinging at better pitches, making better contact and giving yourself more chances to get a hit.

Tip #2: Fix Your Posture

The way you stand while you're at the plate will have an impact on your swing. Tuck your chin in and turn your head so you can easily see the pitcher with both eyes. A lot of players position their heads so they're looking across the bridge of their noses at the pitcher. Don't do this. It can obscure your depth perception of the ball. Buy some MLB tickets on the first base line, or watch the best hitters closely on TV and focus on their eyes. In the best MLB baseball players you will almost certainly see both eyes with a clear line of sight to the pitcher.

Tip #3: Plan To Get On Base

Far too many players try to hit the ball into the stands. If it works, you'll feel like a hero. But, it's safer to plan on hitting the ball up the middle. You're more likely to be in play and get on base. The home runs will come if you swing with a line drive swing instead of a home run swing.

Go watch some MLB baseball tickets and watch the best hitters, more often than not they will hit more line drives and singles and doubles.

There's a science and an art to becoming an effective hitter at the plate. Learn to conserve your swings, fix your posture and get on base. Your team and your manager will be happier with your performance.

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