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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Albert Pujols the Best Baseball Hitter of the Last 30 Years?


By Erik Armstrong

This is a debate that people could go on about for a very long time, but many are starting to make the claim that Albert Pujols may in fact be the best hitter of our lifetimes. For the sake of keeping things in check with "modern day" baseball, I'm just going to limit this discussion to players from the last 30 years.

It's really hard to compare players from vastly different eras, so comparing Pujols to someone like Ted Williams or Willie Mays just wouldn't be fair. The game has changed too much, so there's no telling how either player would have played in the other's era.

Still, there are many reasons to argue the merits of Albert Pujols as the best hitter of our generation. First of all, he's only 29 years old so he's likely to continue to improve, or at least maintain his level of play. Most importantly though, he's been extremely consistent through the course of his entire career. Let's look at a few of his.

Pujols has a career average of .334. That's usually good enough to win a league. The lowest he's ever hit in a year was .312, which says enough in and of itself. That was in his second year, and he's never done worse than .327 ever since.

Pujols has also never hit less than 32 home runs in a season, and has broken 40 home runs in 5 of his 9 MLB seasons. These are some of the many amazing stats he's already accumulated. By the end of his career, we may very well be calling him the best hitter of our lives.

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