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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BatAction Hitting Machine - Reviews and Tips

The BatAction Hitting Machine is a high speed batting practice device. It can allows a batter to take up to 15 swings a minute. When doing high speed drills, always remember these improtant points:

(1) The batter should not work so fast that he or she get sloppy with hitting mechanics. It is better to take 5 good swings than to take 20 sloppy swings that can lead to the development of bad hitting habits. The batter should simply take the time to reset between swings. The batter should practice his or her pre-pitch routine so often that it becomes naturala and instinctive.

(2) The batter should make sure to read the contact the bat makes on each swing. Was the ball hit a linedrive, pop-up or ground ball. This feedback should be used to perfect a strong linedrive swing that generates maxiumum power.

(3) The batter must remember that the BatAction Hitting Machine operates on a wrap-and-unwrap action. The batter must allow the machine to unwrap between swings or the BatAction Hitting Machine Powerbands will become stressed and break. The batter simply should allow the machine to pass at least 2 times between swings and on every 5th swing the batter should aloow the machine to unwrap or unwind completely. This will protect the powerbands and extend their life expectancy. A set of powerbands should last months if the batter or batters using the machine remember this tip.

The BatAction Hitting Machine is unmatched when it comes to helping a batter increase his or her batting average. It is one of the most productive batting trainers that money can buy. It is 100% Guaranteed to Improve Bat Speed and Skill. Good Luck to You and Your Team! Have a great day, Nick

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