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Monday, June 28, 2010

Baseball Training For Power Hitting

Baseball Training For Power Hitting
By Guest Author Vic Read

Watching a 5' 8", 160 pound shortstop hit a 400 foot bomb is always amazing. Sure, the 6' 4", 235 pound first baseman has the natural strength to put the ball out of the yard, but how does the smaller player do it? What does he possess to produce such power? And how do some larger players consistently hit for distance, while others just have the occasional home run?

The three main components to hitting the baseball consistently and for distance are:

1. Proper mechanics - feet comfortably spread apart, hands back, and a smooth transfer from load to swing.
2. Good eye-hand coordination - seeing the ball all the way in and watching the ball hit the bat.
3. Good bat speed - the faster the bat, the faster the ball flies out.

Each one of these components can be improved upon by every baseball player.

1. Proper Mechanics - Watch some major league games and check out the different styles of batting stance. Then grab a bat and see what is most comfortable for you. Being tense at the plate cuts down on your reaction time. And when that fastball is coming in, you have to be relaxed and ready to release the perfect swing. Once you have found a stance you like, go hit off the tee and then take some cuts at a batting cage and continue to refine your mechanics. Once you like your stance, then do some research and learn about loading up, staying back on the ball and swinging thru the pitch.

2. Good eye-hand coordination - soft toss, which is hitting a ball into a net when tossed by someone from a short distance, is a good tool to work on and improve your eye-hand coordination. Have the person toss the ball at different angles and different locations. Start off with slow tosses, and then increase the speed.

3. Good bat speed - there are many methods to help improve your bat speed. Try using a heavier bat or a wood bat during practice or in the cages. Swing off the tee using only one hand. Take a medicine ball, hold it out in front of you and rotate your hands like you were swinging a bat. The idea is to get your hands and hips moving faster to strike the ball at a greater speed.

Once you find that comfortable batting stance, and you have worked on the eye-hand drills, and you have improved your bat speed, than take a 100 swings a day. It can be off a tee, during soft toss, in a cage, or just in the backyard swinging at the air. But take a 100 good swings a day to make your swing as natural as breathing.

After my many years of coaching, watching and traveling to out of town baseball games, I decided to share my baseball tips and stories that I have learned and experienced along the way. To check out more articles that I have written, please visit my website at http://baseballknowledge.info.

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