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Monday, September 14, 2009

Baseball Strength Training

By Kris Saelen

Baseball strength training and conditioning programs depend on the quality of coaching. The importance of coach is not negligible. If a coach is not well-experienced about baseball strength development, then it may lead to shoulder pain or shoulder injuries.

Normally, it is observed that more attention is paid on traditional body building and weight lifting methods. But in baseball, such traditional workouts create trouble and result in unpleasant incidents.

In baseball strength training and conditioning programs, care should be given in exercise selection. More concentration should be given on rotator cuff exercises. It should not be neglected in any case.

The best training and conditioning programs are divided into two categories. They suggest exercises for upper and lower body separately and consider the sensitivity of all organs. The purpose of the programs is to build strength and not to hold risks. This program teaches you better about risk handling.

The upper body exercises are carried out with low weight and lower body exercises with heavy weight. In traditional upper body exercises, push ups are more important. They strengthen the shoulder muscles and rotator cuff. Push ups are more preferable than bench presses. However, bench presses can also be done, yet it should be worked out with great care and concern. Only dumbbells should be used instead of heavy weights. Otherwise, injuries may occur.

Force, strength and speed are significant and vital when it comes to baseball. If the thrower is not able to throw the ball at high velocity then his participation in the team will be a question? In the same way, hitter should be able to hit the ball with extra force and power.

The basic and key purpose of baseball strength training program is to build confidence and also get protection from injuries. In training programs, any little things should not be neglected. Smalls things can make conspicuous difference and can improve your performance.

The major objective of every baseball player is to enhance and increase maximal strength in order to give power-packed hits. When better level of energy is produced, they of course help you in hitting the ball with complete strength. In this contest, bigger muscles are not important, instead stronger muscles are essential.

To enhance the maximal strengths, strength training programs should practice of plyometric exercises for both upper body and lower body. Kicking, jumping, quick changes in directions, sprinting are the most important exercises. Medicine ball exercises should also be incorporated in strength programs. It is a good idea and approach to gain strength, and further convert it into sport specific programs.

Baseball is a game in which sudden movements, reactions and variety of angles are involved. The players should have to respond with explosive power in accurate for achieving winning contest. Baseball strength training and conditioning programs should be developed, supervised and progressed by the experts of concerned field.

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