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Friday, March 6, 2009

BatAction Machine Owners and Coaches - Customer Feedback


Just wanted to let you know that we received our BatAction in December and my son has been hitting on it about 3 days a week since. WOW!!! What an improvement in his strength and focus. His favorite drill is to see how many times he can hit it without missing.
I bought it to improve his ability to track the ball.
With practice starting this week I wish I had about 3 more of these machines to get the whole team using it.
Thanks again for developing this awesome product!

P.A. Manteca, CA

I have to let you and your company know what a huge difference your BatAction Machine has made to our team. I coach a 16 and under girls fast pitch softball team. In February I ordered the BatAction and received it about 1 week later. Our practices started in late March and our season began June 1st. Your machine has helped a team that over the past few years has managed only 8 wins, this year I have 2 girls hitting over .600 and 5 girls hitting over .400. To make a bright picture even brighter, we're in first place currently at 5-1. Your machine is portable,easy to take apart and setup which makes it a great asset. I am so happy I found your website and purchased this machine. It was the single best investment I have made for our team.

D.I. Kutztown, PA

Hi Coach,

I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with your Bataction Machine. My son's average went from about .300 to well over .700. His onbase % is over .900. He makes well over solid contact with every at bat. I know I'm being selfish by not taking it to the park, but I don't like giving my secrets away. My players come to my house to use it. Our team batting average is about .680 with OB % about .800. Let the other teams do their own homework! I know these numbers are great but we're talking about 6 year olds. My son disappeared the other night; I found him in his underwear, out in the driveway slugging away on his BatAction. I really enjoy your products.

Thanks Again,
B.H. Vienna, OH

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