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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baseball Hitting Tips to Help You Master Your Game

Baseball Hitting Tips to Help You Master Your Game

Article Title: Baseball Hitting Tips to Help You Master Your Game
By Carolyn Anderson

Hitting the baseball is a very important skill that every baseball player should possess, and if indeed, you are someone who wants to learn baseball or just want to improve your skills, you can find baseball hitting tips and techniques on how to improve your game or impress your coach, your friends and your family.

Although practice makes perfect, there are also certain tips to keep in mind to make you play at your best.

- Condition your mind for your every game. Getting into sports is not just about strength and energy. An important part of it is in your head. In order to execute the best swing or hit you need, you have to clear up your mind before getting into the batter's box. Focus and concentration on the game are essential as well.

- Be patient. It helps to be patient and be focused when you are in the game most especially if you are in the batter's box. Do not be in a hurry to hit the ball. You just wait for a good pitch and never swing in bad pitches.

- Engage in practice and drills that can help you increase your power in hitting the ball. One of the baseball hitting tips you can do to avoid slowing down your power upon the impact of the ball with your bat is to practice hitting basketballs, soccer or other heavier balls. This will also improve the strength in your forearms and wrists to be able to retain the power of your swing or your hit.

- Learn the basics of a good baseball hit. To be able to master batting the ball, you have to learn how to do each skill correctly, from the swing to the grip and to the stance - you have to learn each of them and master these skills. By doing so, you have to learn how to stand, how to hold the bat properly and so on and so forth.

- Do not be afraid of the ball. This may sound commonsense but most players especially those who are just starting with the sports and for children who are just learning, the hindrance lies in their fear of being hit by the ball, thus their tendency is move back and may affect the way they execute a good swing as well as giving the ball a good hit. One practice tip that coaches often do in this case is throw the ball on the other side of the player to prevent him from backing up.

- Focus on hitting the bottom half of the baseball. This will help in sending the baseball farthest.

- Shift your weight from the back of your body foot to the front upon contact of your bat with the baseball so that you can obtain more power in hitting it.

Start with these baseball hitting tips to help you become a better baseball player. However, you should not also forget the basic tips on getting the right equipment for you as this can also help in your performance too.

Carolyn Anderson is a book reviewer, an avid reader and a lover of sports. To master the skill of hitting a baseball, check out this baseball hitting training manual. Also check out Marathon Training For Beginners, a marathon training schedule and program to help beginners in performing their best in marathon.

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