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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baseball Strength - The 2 Best Exercises For Baseball Players to Build Game Record Strength!

By Brandon Richey

In order to be a good baseball player you have got to be a good athlete! Athleticism is built by having a smart strength and conditioning program in place in order for you to be competitive. I have included 2 tremendous exercises here to significantly improve your baseball playing skills!

1. The Double Arm Kettlebell Swing: The smart strength training workout for baseball involves a kettlebell. The double arm kettlebell swing is the base strength endurance lift used in kettlebell training to build superior core strength and all around total body conditioning. This particular exercise is executing by swinging the kettlebell from between your legs up to chest level with both arms. The swinging is done by you having to properly implement a movement known as the hip snap. This movement is done by fluently and continuously flexing and extending at your hips and knees to create the necessary momentum to swing the kettlebell in an arc like motion. This particular movement is priceless when it comes down to developing superior athletic movements and fitness that is specific to baseball.

2. The Single Arm Kettlebell Swing: This lift is executed in the same way as the double arm version with a few more exceptions other than the obvious one arm difference. First of all, to execute this drill you will swing the kettlebell back and forth like the double arm swing. The first lesser known detail though is going to be in your grip. In order to execute this exercise you must grip the bell with a hooking grip. To do this simply grab the bell's handle with your hand with it still on the ground. Make sure that you rotate your grip until your knuckles point directly at the sphere of the bell. If you are gripping it with your right hand then make sure to grab the bell towards the left side of the handle. Reverse this with the other hand. The next detail is to make sure that when you hike the kettlebell between your legs on the descent to allow your hand and forearm to rotate thumbs down. As you ascend in the top of the swing allow your hand and forearm to rotate back to a "palms down" position. Execute these couple of lifts and you will have strength training workout that will significantly boost your baseball game! Train hard and enjoy my friend.

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