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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 Mistakes Hitters Make Using Baseball Hitting Mechanics

By Rob Bucher

Want to tap into your potential with better baseball hitting mechanics?

Odds are you were taught two or three mechanical flaws most hitters have ingrained which limits their potential.

I want to reveal three common mistakes you probably were taught...

...and are seriously hampering your ability to put a charge into the ball.

Hit the top of the ball – Sound familiar? One of the biggest mistakes hitters are taught is to hit the top half of the ball. This is quickest way to spend an entire season grounding out. You need to realize the higher the level of play, the more time your ground balls become outs. Even at the Little League World Series a majority of ground ball hits were turned into outs.

Squish the bug – This term will prove disastrous for your power if you've been taught this mechanic. It teaches you to keep your weight back limiting your power potential. How are you ever going to maximize your power while keeping your weight distributed to your back leg.

Extend your arms – When you make contact with the ball you might have been taught to have your arms extended. This is another power zapping mechanical flaw many hitters are being taught. Ninety-nine percent of major leaguers don't hit with their arms extended. They extend well after the ball has left the bat.

If you have been taught these hitting cues or your son has been taught these baseball hitting mechanics. Then you need to correct them and stop letting their potential between the lines continue to be limited.

Want to learn how to add more pop in your swing and boost your batting average and learn to dominate the best pitchers you'll face?

Coach Rob Bucher is a high school hitting instructor who has been involved in playing or coaching baseball for over 30 years. His expertise on swing mechanics has helped many of his players enjoy huge success and help propel them to collegiate success.

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