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Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Improve on Your Baseball Pitching Velocity

How to Improve on Your Baseball Pitching Velocity

By Nisha Sabbik

If you want to increase your speed you need to know your present level of fitness. You need to prepare a fitness program. The fitness program should include exercises for explosive power work, flexibility, stability and endurance. Ask a trainer to access you're throwing procedure so that you can improve on inefficiency and energy leaks. Set up a principle centered program. Principle centered is a program that works on all disciples of pitching. Ask your trainer to keep a test for you on both the conditioning side and throwing mechanics side. Break your throwing division into 4 segments like off season, pre-season, in-season and post-season. When you're setting up goals for velocity do work on principal centered and physical conditioning.

Try to change your speed. If you want to improve on your velocity you should change speed of your pitches. By changing the speed a 70 mph fastball may appear as 90 mph fastball. From a very young age we use only arm and shoulders to throw a baseball. Because of this, you face a lot of shoulder injuries. You should change your perspective. When the throw needs more velocity try using bigger muscle groups. Learn to pitch from the ground up. Velocity comes from forces added to the ball. These forces come from momentum in your lift leg and your push off the ground. You must try to transfer these forces into the ball.

If young pitchers lift their leg they fall towards the target. This causes poor velocity and arm injury. Timing and efficiency of weigh transfer, during delivery, is the essence of velocity. This is where the velocity lives. The most important thing to increase velocity is to work on torque in the core. The core is the area above the knees to below the chest. This area has the strongest muscles in the body. So you should use this part to increase velocity. If you do not work on this area, then shoulder and elbow will be forced to hold the torque needed to generate velocity.

Try using pull perspective instead of throwing. Pull perspective is the amount of weight you are pulling. The more the better. The best way to work on pull perspective is by thinking that you are not holding the ball but a towel or resistance tubing. Proper momentum is very important to transfer good velocity. If you leave any momentum in your body, then you have left some velocity behind. If you face any injury while playing it can be recovered quickly if you follow a balanced alkaline based diet. These are green vegetables which help restore the PH levels in your system. Diet is very important to recovery. These are just some of the tips for developing efficient and effective velocity, without sacrificing the body in return.

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