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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BatAction Batting Machine Instructions for Assembly

Bat Action Hitting Machine Assembly Instructions:

Before you begin assembly, Check Your Inventory to make sure that you have received all required parts and components.

Step-by-step Assembly Instructions

Step 1 – Install each leg and lock it into place by tightening the knob. Make sure that you have a level surface to assemble your machine. Place each leg onto a square leg receiver with the “knob-nut” on top. Slide the leg as far onto the receiver as it will go. Place a knob into each leg and tighten it until the leg is locked securely in place. Check each leg to insure that it is tight and does not move.

Step 2 – Put the Height Adjustment Collar onto the Axle and tighten the Knob. The axle is shipped inside the support column and must be pulled up to slide the height adjustment collar onto it. Place two fingers inside the axle and pull it up at least 6 inches. Slide the collar onto it and tighten the adjustment knob locking the collar securely into place. Turn your axle until the knob is located on the right side of the machine.

Step 3 – Install the machine’s top component and tighten knob to lock it onto the top end of the axle. Slide the top component down onto the top end of the axle. The top component is the part of the machine that holds the ball unit in place. It as the BatAction decal on both sides. Put an adjustment knob into it and tighten the knob securing the top component onto the axle. Turn your component axle knob so that it is aligned over your height adjustment knob on the right side of the machine.

Step 4 – Apply heavy duty wheel axle grease to the machine’s axle for lubrication. To lubricate the axle, grab the top component and pull the axle up and out of the machines support column. Apply grease to the axle below the height adjustment collar. Spin the top component completely around several times to evenly spread the grease. Carefully slide the axle back into the support column. Always leave your axle inside the column. The grease used for this application is the heavy-duty wheel axle grease that can be purchased at any auto parts store or automotive section of any mass merchant store.

Step 5 – Install the hook bar and tighten the knob to secure it. The Hook-bar has three hooks on it. It serves as the machines bottom connection for the “powerbands”. Slide the Hook-bar onto the square receiver extending from the back of your support column. The hooks should be on top. Tighten the knob to secure it.

Step 6 – Install Powerbands – Adjust Length if necessary.
The Powerbands are the black bungie cords with black plastic balls. The plastic balls connect to the machine using the hooks on the machines top component and hook bar. The Powerband end with the rubber protective sleeved goes up. Powerbands are always connected to the bottom hook first and then attached to the top component. Start with one Powerband on the machine. To adjust their length, slide the plastic ball on the cord and move the knot. Now, slide the plastic ball over the knot.

Step 7 – Installing The “Ball Unit” or “Impact Head” into the machine’s top component. The square end of the “Ball Unit” slides into the top component and locks securely into place. Carefully slide the square unit in until the two holes are perfectly aligned. Tighten the top two knobs until the unit is secured in place and does not move. Pull on the unit to make sure that it is tightly locked into place.

Step 8 – Anchoring your machine during use. Before setting your machine up for use, choose a location indoors or outdoors that has sufficient space to allow an adequate “24 ft. Safety Zone” during use. Make sure to read the safety rules before choosing a location for using your machine. Make sure to follow all safety rules. To anchor your machine on a hard surface, indoors or outdoors, use sandbags filled with sand. Outdoors you should use the BatAcion Machine’s ground pins. The ground pins are inserted through the holes in each leg of the machine. You may have to use a hammer to “drive” the ground pins into the ground if the ground is hard. Using sand bags and ground pins prevents your machine from moving during use. Once your machine has the sandbags or ground pins in place, the machine is ready for use. Remember to always make sure to clear your “safety zone” before using your machine.

Note: The BatAction Machine’s energy source is the “wrapping and unwrapping” of the Powerbands. Powerbands should last for at least a year or longer. The Powerbands must be allowed to unwrap before the batter hits the ball. Failure to allow the Powerbands to unwrap between swings will continually stretch and stress the Powerbands until they fail. Therefore, make sure the batter understands that allowing the Powerbands to unwrap is the only way for this machine to work correctly.

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