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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fixing Problems Using Baseball Hitting Aids

Fixing Problems Using Baseball Hitting Aids
By guest author: Joseph Harrison Jr

Chief among the positions in baseball is the position of hitter, which is way more complicated to do than most people would assume. Many problems could be said to cause a player to not hit properly, and these problems can be very frustrating until the source of them is discovered. A player's performance can be hindered if they lack proper hitting mechanics, and luckily these problems can be remedied through learning about the human body and with the use of baseball hitting aids.

Focusing way too much on the upper body and neglecting the lower half is a major cause of hitting problems for player of baseball. Learning about your lower body is a must before you can expect to begin hitting the ball correctly.

Attempting to hit the ball without knowing what your lower half is doing, is similar to trying to build a house without establishing a proper foundation, it will fall to the ground.

Shoulder dipping is one of the problems faced by hitters, and it is caused by collapsing of the player's backside. Other issues include hunching out over the plate, and letting your hands extend away from your body during a swing. Every one of these problems can result from not knowing enough about how to position your lower body during a swing.

Shifting your weight onto your back leg before the pitch begins is called loading, and if the weight does not stay on that back leg it could cause a hitting problem. Many hitters naturally shift their hips forward in the direction of the pitched during the beginning stage of their swing, and this issue may be the source of many or all of the problems listed, and this hips shifting problems is called "floating".

The "floating" problem is definitely fixable once the hitter is able to recognize it as a problem. Videos and books are good examples of useful aids, and they can be quite easily found. These aids will help one detect and the fix problems with the lower body during hitting, and then you can focus on the upper body during the swing.

Use of these types of aids can help your coach or yourself recognize which problems your have when you are at bat, and you will soon be hitting better than you had once imagined possible. These books and video hitting aids can easily be found at a local bookstore or library, and if those don't pan out you can find many online sources for aids too.

I am Joseph Harrison, a baseball coach since 20 years ago. I love baseball since I am young, especially the feeling when you know you will absolutely crush the ball. Training your kid to gain interest in baseball will benefit him from both mentally and physically. In with he will gain team spirit, learn how to cope with teammates, and at the same time train up his physical, and concentration (to have good eye and hand coordination and the ability to use both at once). Go through my article and you will know all the benefits of baseball.

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