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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Increase Bat Speed Using Your Body's Natural Energy

Increase Bat Speed Using Your Body's Natural Energy
By Rob Bucher

Looking for a way to increase your bat speed and hit for more power and catch up with the missiles pitchers are firing at you?

In a few short moments I will share with you the proven ways to have a quick bat.

Once you learn them and understand the physics of the swing you will be able to maximize the kinetic chain.

Most hitters except for the best in the game have poor hitting mechanics.

They don't use their entire body's force to whip the bat through hitting zone with lightening speed and the reason is they have been taught to throw their hands at the ball.

Not only is the movement fundamental wrong, but it zaps power and speed from the swing.

You should be turning into the ball with your hands closer to your body. It produces centrifugal force and speeds up the bat and allows the hitter longer time to react to the pitch.

In order to use the kinetic chain to improve bat speed you need to have a proper load and proper release.

Start out with your weight evenly distributed on your feet. As the pitch is delivered, stride forward and push your hands and weight back while turning your front shoulder in about an inch.

This loading techniques allows you to stretch your body out like a rubber band.

As you begin your swing...allow your lower body to pull the upper body into the pitch while transferring your weight to your front leg.

Accomplish this movement and you will get to the hitting zone faster and with more power.

Ready to have a quicker bat and more power? Click here - Rotational Hitting Mechanics. Because your current mechanics make your swing look like molasses in December.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rob_Bucher

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