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Friday, December 18, 2009

3 Popular Baseball Team Batting Drills

These Baseball Team Batting Drills can be used to improve baseball hitting skill, baseball team offense production, and overall team confidence.

Great Drill For Defensive,
Baserunning, and Batting Practice!

This drill involves every player on your team working on either offensive or defensive skill development. You put your regular defensive lineup on the field. Your other players are going to fungo balls and run when they hit it. The pitcher will throw a 1/2 speed ball to your catcher. When the ball hits the mitt. The batter will then toss a ball up and hit it anywhere in fair territory. The goal of the defense is to hold the batters to no runs. The goal of the offense is to get basehits by hitting the ball hard enough to get on with a hit or error. Each batter becomes a runner after he hits and the offense is allowed 3 outs before you clear" the bases. The drill is over when the offense scores 5 runs or the defense records 18 outs.

Bunt Pepper
Great Offensive and Defensive Drill

Players are divided into groups of four. Four players field while one player bunts. This drill is a great drill for both defensive and offensive work if done properly. The bunter will bunt the ball to each of the four players starting with the fielder on the left and going to the bunter's right. The fielder will catch the bunt, move the feet to the correct throwing position, and then throw the ball to the batter so that it can be bunted to the next fielder. The bunter will bunt 2 rounds or 2 balls to each fielder. The bunter will then hand the bat to the right end fielder who will bunt next. The former bunter will take the left spot in the fielder's line. Bunter's should be coached to use the correct bunting fundamentals; Square, Pivot & Squeeze. The bunter should be cautioned to soft bunt the ball. The fielders should throw the ball at a steady, medium speed that is not too hard. batting helmets should be worn for safety.

5-Position Hitting Warm-up
The absolute best warm-up drill ever!

The coach or parent uses the Hand Held Trainer to give the batter warm-up or practice swings at 5 different location, 1 - HIP TURNER LOCATION, 2 - INSIDE CONTACT, 3 - MIDDLE-IN, 4 -MIDDLE-OUT, 5 - OUTSIDE-CORNER CONTACT. You can see this drill explained and completely illustrated in the "Products" section of this site. Allowing the batter to take 5 swings at each of these locations will get him ready to hit any possible strike location that he may see in a game. Also this quick drill allows the entire team to warm-up in less then 15 minutes. The Hand Held Trainer is the best one-on-one coaching tool ever! Just 20 minutes on game days can make a kid successful. See the true story " A father helps his son succeed" in the Products section.

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