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Saturday, February 28, 2009



1. The STREAK DRILL is actually a competition. The batter competes against their best score ever or against another batter.
2. The object of the drill is to hit the balls as many times as possible, in succession, without a clean miss. The number of times the batter hits the ball, in a row, is that batter's STREAK NUMBER for that day or competition.
3. If the batter cleanly misses. The streak ends and the other batter takes their turn at hitting.
4. When two players compete, the players take turns batting to see who can build the longest streak. Any contact with the ball keeps the streak going.
5. If a batter touches the ball with a hand, a non swinging bat, or stops the ball in anyway, that batter's streak is stopped.
6. The batter should make sure to make contact with the ball component and not the shaft.

COACHING TIP from Coach Nick: The STREAK DRILL is an excellent way to develop a player's ability to perform under pressure. It also brings out the competitive spirit in all players. You may wish to divide the team into ability groups. Make sure to carry your BatAction on the road to games and tournaments. The BatAction is great pre-game warm-up! It is so much fun, players love to hit it between games.

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