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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Baseball Weight Training Program

If you know baseball, you know how hard the training in baseball is and how innovative it is to perform weight training which is incorporated in a baseball training program, you would know how effective this training is in competitions. There are a number of persons though who say that baseball could be a dangerous method in weight training than when you do it slow and accurately in the gym or a fitness center. Many say that most of the coaches commit serious errors that cause traumatic bodily stress or injury in a person who is into a baseball weight training program.

1. Weight training through baseball should take into consideration the limitation of players - Even slight errors in baseball training can already cause injury to an individual. The truth though is that it is not really the training that does not work but it is the coaches who do not understand fully this kind of weight training program. There are many caches of baseball players who just want to increase and increase the strength and stamina of their field players but who do not think of the limitations of these athletes. Often times, the injury comes after severe and successive training in preparation for the upcoming competition. Least they know that their players are already over stressed and over trained.

2. Train but do not strain through overtraining. You should know that overtraining is not good because it not only causes injuries and severe muscle damages on the body but likewise, it defeats the very purpose of an exercise. You should know that like ordinary weight training exercises, the baseball weight training program should observe the same basic principles in weight training such as rest. Rest is as important as exercise and progression. In fact, you cannot progress if your body can no longer tolerate the load that you are putting on it. Challenge is a lot different from damage and that is what you want to avoid.

3. Incorporate variations in the training program. There have be variation in the types of routines that you do and in the intensity of the routines. It would be better to incorporate other exercises that similarly work to strengthen your muscles. Say for example, basketball routines may be incorporated in the baseball routines in order to enhance the flexibility of the body which is much required in the baseball game. There has to be variations as to the speed of your routines in the program. This is one form in which the progression principle can be incorporated in the program.

4. Force = Mass x Acceleration Principle in baseball - Lastly, you should know that the most important aspect in the weight training program in baseball is the force produced. Aside from the strength of the leg muscles and the hand and leg coordination, the program also develops extreme force particularly when one swings the baseball bat. Imagine what huge force you need in order to swing a bat at 90 mph. The very reason why most coaches incorporate weight training in baseball is because force requires mass times acceleration. The acceleration is defined as the speed at which the bar is moved while the mass is the weight on the bar.

This explains exactly how a baseball weight training program will help you achieve - greater force.

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