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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Base Running Drills For the Whole Team


Base Running Drills For the Whole Team
By Chris Campbell

Of all the skills required to be a good baseball player, one of the most neglected and exciting is that of base runner. Just because most players already know how to run before they become a player doesn't mean there are finer aspects of base running to be worked on.

One of the tricky things about baseball drills, and running drills in particular, is the fact that there are multiple players on the field at a time. It requires a little bit more coordination, to keep every one in the mix, and active.

You'll need a minimum of 3 players to start this base running drill. Start one at home plate as a batter, and then position the second one at first base, and the third one at second base.

In addition to the players running the drill, you will need two coaches, or playing coaches to run this drill. One coach will be the hitter positioned at home plate. The other coach will go to third base coaching area. No one is playing fielder, so we'll pretend, that all ground balls and fly balls are single hits.

Depending on whether the coach hits a fly ball, or a grounder, will determine how the runners react. A ground ball will cause the player at home plate to sprint full out for first base. A fly ball, will have him run a little slower, but approach first base, as if he was heading on to second.

Just like the player starting at home, the player starting at first base has a few options. On a ground ball, he will make a bee line for second base. However, if a fly ball is hit then he will run to second, and then go for third only if the third base coach tells him to do so.

Here the drill basically repeats itself for the runner positioned on second base. On a fly ball, he will always run to third, and potentially run home depending on what the third base coach instructs. On a ground ball he will of course always run to third and stop.

After the first drill is run, it is possible that you may have a runner waiting on third base. They as well have to make a choice. On a ground ball, when no other player is waiting on second base, the third base coach will direct the runner as to where to go.

In order to keep things interesting for the players, keep this drill moving. There's no reason to be standing around much.

Be sure to visit the Base Running Drills website and learn how to improve your base running.

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